The SOVA Gospel Mass Choir, is an international gospel choir, resulting from the fusion, as part of the festival, of the SOVA Gospel Choir and Sing2Gether Geneva Gospel Choir, this Mass Choir brings together 100 choristers!

Based in Geneva, the SOVA Gospel Choir was born in 2015, under the leadership of the founding director of the vocal coaching school, the School Of Vocal Arts, Sabine JACQUET and her husband Cyril, whose choir is the ambassador.

As for Sing2Gether Geneva Gospel Choir, this young and dynamic choir was founded in 2020, also within the School of Vocal Arts, to meet high expectations and continues to grow with musicality, fervor and diversity!

Based on the values of the American gospel, the SOVA Gospel Choir was strongly developed by LaVelle Duggan, American jazz & gospel artist, internationally known and unfortunately disappeared to this day, who transmitted to the choir all her know-how.

The contribution of talented European and international artists such as Manu Vince, Wesley Semé, John M’Pindou, Pascal Horecka and Isaac Cates (USA) has made it possible to recognize the quality and professionalism of this choir.

Today, as part of the recognized European choirs, the SOVA Gospel Mass Choir by its cultural richness with the many nationalities represented and the 5 continents […from Bolivia to the Philippines, the USA, Brazil, and many other countries…] will bring you, through a unique and colorful sound, on an incredible journey around the gospel!

The choir leader Sabine JACQUET of the SOVA Gospel Mass Choir is also considered the #1 reference in Switzerland in vocal coaching.

As with the students, especially in vocal therapy and rehabilitation, she brings the SOVA Gospel Mass Choir to share with you the best of themselves, incredible and true emotions, not just gospel music, but a profound daily life of each chorister with their story, its experience, and its future!

The SOVA Gospel Choir is developing international collaborations with leading American gospel artists, such as Donald Lawrence, singer-songwriter, who has won numerous Awards including Grammy Award, who will say of the choir:

“I love the energy and the beautiful soul of the SOVA Gospel Choir, it is a choir unique in the world, because of its multi-cultural character.